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Epitomics, Ascent Scientific, MitoSciences
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domestic rabbit
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人类, 小鼠, 大鼠
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免疫印迹, 免疫细胞化学, 免疫沉淀, 免疫组化-石蜡切片, 免疫组化-冰冻切片
文章摘录数: 27
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:2000; 图 2f
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:100; 图 s2
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 4
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 1
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:25,000; 图 s18
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 1
Babinsky V, Hannan F, Gorvin C, Howles S, Nesbit M, Rust N, et al. Allosteric Modulation of the Calcium-sensing Receptor Rectifies Signaling Abnormalities Associated with G-protein ?-11 Mutations Causing Hypercalcemic and Hypocalcemic Disorders. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:10876-85 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:10,000; 图 4
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 4
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 4
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:3000; 图 5
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Dm, Hu, Ms, Pig, Rat, Shp, Zfsh
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400-628-6880 86-21-5110 5938
公司总部: 英国
Abcam是全球知名的生命科学研究领域产品提供商,产品涵盖一抗、二抗、蛋白、多肽及ELISA kit。