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Epitomics, Ascent Scientific, MitoSciences
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10微升, 100微升
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宿主 :
domestic rabbit
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反应物种 :
人类, 小鼠, 大鼠
应用 :
免疫印迹, 免疫组化, 免疫细胞化学, 免疫沉淀, 流式细胞仪, 免疫组化-石蜡切片, 免疫组化-冰冻切片, mass cytometry, 免疫组化基因敲除验证
文章摘录数: 47
  • 免疫组化基因敲除验证; 小鼠; 图 9b
Wen H, Gao S, Wang Y, Ray M, Magnuson M, Wright C, et al. Myeloid cell-derived HB-EGF Drives Tissue Recovery After Pancreatitis. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2019;: pubmed 出版商
  • mass cytometry; 人类; 图 3a
Wagner J, Rapsomaniki M, Chevrier S, Anzeneder T, Langwieder C, Dykgers A, et al. A Single-Cell Atlas of the Tumor and Immune Ecosystem of Human Breast Cancer. Cell. 2019;177:1330-1345.e18 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:2000; 图 s5
Pergu R, Dagar S, Kumar H, Kumar R, Bhattacharya J, Mylavarapu S. The chaperone ERp29 is required for tunneling nanotube formation by stabilizing MSec. J Biol Chem. 2019;294:7177-7193 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 6a
Liang C, Ma Y, Yong L, Yang C, Wang P, Liu X, et al. Y-box binding protein-1 promotes tumorigenesis and progression via the epidermal growth factor receptor/AKT pathway in spinal chordoma. Cancer Sci. 2019;110:166-179 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 图 1a
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 1c
Lee S, Cho Y, Cha P, Yoon J, Ro E, Jeong W, et al. A small molecule approach to degrade RAS with EGFR repression is a potential therapy for KRAS mutation-driven colorectal cancer resistance to cetuximab. Exp Mol Med. 2018;50:153 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 1:500
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 1:500
Rickelt S, Hynes R. Antibodies and methods for immunohistochemistry of extracellular matrix proteins. Matrix Biol. 2018;71-72:10-27 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:960; 图 s8
Oldrini B, Hsieh W, Erdjument Bromage H, Codega P, Carro M, Curiel García A, et al. EGFR feedback-inhibition by Ran-binding protein 6 is disrupted in cancer. Nat Commun. 2017;8:2035 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 2b
Ma K, Fu W, Tang M, Zhang C, Hou T, Li R, et al. PTK2-mediated degradation of ATG3 impedes cancer cells susceptible to DNA damage treatment. Autophagy. 2017;13:579-591 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 图 4a
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 4d
Zhang Y, Yang J, Ding M, Li L, Lu Z, Zhang Q, et al. Tumor-penetration and antitumor efficacy of cetuximab are enhanced by co-administered iRGD in a murine model of human NSCLC. Oncol Lett. 2016;12:3241-3249 pubmed
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 8
Jaako K, Waniek A, Parik K, Klimaviciusa L, Aonurm Helm A, Noortoots A, et al. Prolyl endopeptidase is involved in the degradation of neural cell adhesion molecules in vitro. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:3792-3802 pubmed
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 s1
  • 免疫组化; 小鼠; 图 1
Wang J, Farris A, Xu K, Wang P, Zhang X, Duong D, et al. GPRC5A suppresses protein synthesis at the endoplasmic reticulum to prevent radiation-induced lung tumorigenesis. Nat Commun. 2016;7:11795 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 7c
He F, Wei L, Luo W, Liao Z, Li B, Zhou X, et al. Glutaredoxin 3 promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma growth and metastasis via EGFR/Akt pathway and independent of ROS. Oncotarget. 2016;7:37000-37012 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 5a
Derangère V, Fumet J, Boidot R, Bengrine L, Limagne E, Chevriaux A, et al. Does bevacizumab impact anti-EGFR therapy efficacy in metastatic colorectal cancer?. Oncotarget. 2016;7:9309-21 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 图 3a
Hessmann E, Zhang J, Chen N, Hasselluhn M, Liou G, Storz P, et al. NFATc4 Regulates Sox9 Gene Expression in Acinar Cell Plasticity and Pancreatic Cancer Initiation. Stem Cells Int. 2016;2016:5272498 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 3
Mehner C, Oberg A, Kalli K, Nassar A, Hockla A, Pendlebury D, et al. Serine protease inhibitor Kazal type 1 (SPINK1) drives proliferation and anoikis resistance in a subset of ovarian cancers. Oncotarget. 2015;6:35737-54 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 s8
Fu Y, Cruz Monserrate Z, Helen Lin H, Chung Y, Ji B, Lin S, et al. Ductal activation of oncogenic KRAS alone induces sarcomatoid phenotype. Sci Rep. 2015;5:13347 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 1:100
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 1:1000
Tang Y, Ye M, Du Y, Qiu X, Lv X, Yang W, et al. EGFR signaling upregulates surface expression of the GluN2B-containing NMDA receptor and contributes to long-term potentiation in the hippocampus. Neuroscience. 2015;304:109-21 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠
Chen C, Kim K, Lau L. The matricellular protein CCN1 suppresses hepatocarcinogenesis by inhibiting compensatory proliferation. Oncogene. 2016;35:1314-23 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化; 人类
Restivo G, Nguyen B, Dziunycz P, Ristorcelli E, Ryan R, Özuysal Ö, et al. IRF6 is a mediator of Notch pro-differentiation and tumour suppressive function in keratinocytes. EMBO J. 2011;30:4571-85 pubmed 出版商
Du F, Qiao C, Li X, Chen Z, Liu H, Wu S, et al. Forkhead box K2 promotes human colorectal cancer metastasis by upregulating ZEB1 and EGFR. Theranostics. 2019;9:3879-3902 pubmed 出版商
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10微升, 100微升
物种摘要 :
Hu, Ms, Rat
应用摘要 :
Flow Cyt, ICC/IF, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, IP, WB
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公司总部: 英国
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