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NeoMarkers, Lab Vision, Endogen, Pierce, BioSource International, Zymed Laboratories, Caltag, Molecular Probes, Research Genetics, Life Technologies, Applied Biosystems, GIBCO BRL, ABgene, Dynal, Affinity BioReagents, Nunc, Invitrogen, NatuTec, Oxoid, Richard-Allan Scientific, Arcturus, Perseptive Biosystems, Proxeon, eBioscience
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CD90.1 (Thy-1.1) Monoclonal Antibody (HIS51), eBioscience™
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小鼠, 大鼠
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免疫组化, 流式细胞仪, 免疫组化-冰冻切片
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3d
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4h
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:200; 图 1c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1d
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1b
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3d
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2e
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 免疫组化-冰冻切片; 小鼠; 图 8c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4, 5
Yasuma K, Yasunaga J, Takemoto K, Sugata K, Mitobe Y, Takenouchi N, et al. HTLV-1 bZIP Factor Impairs Anti-viral Immunity by Inducing Co-inhibitory Molecule, T Cell Immunoglobulin and ITIM Domain (TIGIT). PLoS Pathog. 2016;12:e1005372 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:1000; 图 3
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 8
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠
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产品类型 :
产品名称 :
CD90.1 (Thy-1.1) Monoclonal Antibody (HIS51), eBioscience™
目录# :
规格 :
价格 :
克隆性 :
纯度 :
宿主 :
反应物种 :
小鼠, 大鼠
应用 :
Flow Cytometry: 0.125 µg/test, Immunohistochemistry (Frozen): Assay-Dependent
物种 :
小鼠, 大鼠
克隆 :
抗体亚型 :
IgG2a, kappa
储存 :
4° C
描述 :
CD90 (Thy 1) antigen is a GPI linked glycoprotein member of the Immunoglobulin super family. It is expressed in murine T cells, thymocytes, neural cells, Kupffer's cells and fibroblasts. Thy 1 may play a role in cell-cell or cell-ligand interactions during synaptogenesis and other events in the brain.
格式 :
应用w/稀释 :
Flow Cytometry: 0.125 µg/test, Immunohistochemistry (Frozen): Assay-Dependent
别名 :
CD7; CD90; FLJ33325; T25; Thy 1.2; Thy1; Thy-1; Thy-1 antigen; Thy-1 cell surface antigen; thy-1 glycoprotein; Thy-1 membrane glycoprotein; Thy-1 protein; Thy1.1; Thy1.2; Thy-1.2; thymus cell antigen 1, theta; Thymus cell surface antigen
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