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NeoMarkers, Lab Vision, Endogen, Pierce, BioSource International, Zymed Laboratories, Caltag, Molecular Probes, Research Genetics, Life Technologies, Applied Biosystems, GIBCO BRL, ABgene, Dynal, Affinity BioReagents, Nunc, Invitrogen, NatuTec, Oxoid, Richard-Allan Scientific, Arcturus, Perseptive Biosystems, Proxeon, eBioscience
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FOXP3 Monoclonal Antibody (FJK-16s), eBioscience™
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人类, 小鼠, 大鼠, , , pigs ,
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免疫印迹, 免疫组化, 免疫细胞化学, 流式细胞仪, 免疫组化-石蜡切片, 免疫组化-冰冻切片
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  • 免疫组化-冰冻切片; 小鼠; 1:50; 图 2d
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:100; 图 2j
Stebegg M, Bignon A, Hill D, Silva Cayetano A, Krueger C, Vanderleyden I, et al. Rejuvenating conventional dendritic cells and T follicular helper cell formation after vaccination. elife. 2020;9: pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 5c, 5d
Zhang S, Liang W, Luo L, Sun S, Wang F. The role of T cell trafficking in CTLA-4 blockade-induced gut immunopathology. BMC Biol. 2020;18:29 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 6s1
Canel M, Taggart D, Sims A, Lonergan D, Waizenegger I, Serrels A. T-cell co-stimulation in combination with targeting FAK drives enhanced anti-tumor immunity. elife. 2020;9: pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 图 s4p
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:100; 图 4b
Li A, Herbst R, Canner D, Schenkel J, Smith O, Kim J, et al. IL-33 Signaling Alters Regulatory T Cell Diversity in Support of Tumor Development. Cell Rep. 2019;29:2998-3008.e8 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 e8b
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3a
Wang P, Qi X, Xu G, Liu J, Guo J, Li X, et al. CCL28 promotes locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury via recruiting regulatory T cells. Aging (Albany NY). 2019;11:7402-7415 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 图 2a
Sorrentino C, Yin Z, Ciummo S, Lanuti P, Lu L, Marchisio M, et al. Targeting Interleukin(IL)-30/IL-27p28 signaling in cancer stem-like cells and host environment synergistically inhibits prostate cancer growth and improves survival. J Immunother Cancer. 2019;7:201 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:250; 图 3e, 3f, s6c, s6d
Ansaldo E, Slayden L, Ching K, Koch M, Wolf N, Plichta D, et al. Akkermansia muciniphila induces intestinal adaptive immune responses during homeostasis. Science. 2019;364:1179-1184 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 6c
Sharma N, Vacher J, Allison J. TLR1/2 ligand enhances antitumor efficacy of CTLA-4 blockade by increasing intratumoral Treg depletion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019;116:10453-10462 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s7a
Kawalkowska J, Ogbechi J, Venables P, Williams R. cIAP1/2 inhibition synergizes with TNF inhibition in autoimmunity by down-regulating IL-17A and inducing Tregs. Sci Adv. 2019;5:eaaw5422 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1b
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3h
Xing S, Gai K, Li X, Shao P, Zeng Z, Zhao X, et al. Tcf1 and Lef1 are required for the immunosuppressive function of regulatory T cells. J Exp Med. 2019;: pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 e1b, e1c, e1d
Silva D, Yu S, Ulge U, Spangler J, Jude K, Labao Almeida C, et al. De novo design of potent and selective mimics of IL-2 and IL-15. Nature. 2019;565:186-191 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 1:50; 图 s1b
Aarts S, Seijkens T, Kusters P, Van Tiel C, Reiche M, den Toom M, et al. Macrophage CD40 signaling drives experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. J Pathol. 2019;247:471-480 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s8a
Dong S, Harrington B, Hu E, Greene J, Lehman A, Tran M, et al. PI3K p110δ inactivation antagonizes chronic lymphocytic leukemia and reverses T cell immune suppression. J Clin Invest. 2019;129:122-136 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s5a, s5b
Sharma D, Malik A, Guy C, Vogel P, Kanneganti T. TNF/TNFR axis promotes pyrin inflammasome activation and distinctly modulates pyrin inflammasomopathy. J Clin Invest. 2019;129:150-162 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4c, 4d
Maseda D, Banerjee A, Johnson E, Washington M, Kim H, Lau K, et al. mPGES-1-Mediated Production of PGE2 and EP4 Receptor Sensing Regulate T Cell Colonic Inflammation. Front Immunol. 2018;9:2954 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s2d
Ding L, Kim H, Wang Q, Kearns M, Jiang T, Ohlson C, et al. PARP Inhibition Elicits STING-Dependent Antitumor Immunity in Brca1-Deficient Ovarian Cancer. Cell Rep. 2018;25:2972-2980.e5 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3b, s5b
Sato Y, Bolzenius J, Eteleeb A, Su X, Maher C, Sehn J, et al. CD4+ T cells induce rejection of urothelial tumors after immune checkpoint blockade. JCI Insight. 2018;3: pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1a, 2c
Atretkhany K, Mufazalov I, Dunst J, Kuchmiy A, Gogoleva V, Andruszewski D, et al. Intrinsic TNFR2 signaling in T regulatory cells provides protection in CNS autoimmunity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:13051-13056 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:100; 图 s4c
He Z, Zhang J, Huang Z, Du Q, Li N, Zhang Q, et al. Sumoylation of RORγt regulates TH17 differentiation and thymocyte development. Nat Commun. 2018;9:4870 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1a
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  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 1:100; 图 2e
Mollaoglu G, Jones A, Wait S, Mukhopadhyay A, Jeong S, Arya R, et al. The Lineage-Defining Transcription Factors SOX2 and NKX2-1 Determine Lung Cancer Cell Fate and Shape the Tumor Immune Microenvironment. Immunity. 2018;49:764-779.e9 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:200; 图 s10a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:200; 图 s10a
Deason K, Troutman T, Jain A, Challa D, Mandraju R, Brewer T, et al. BCAP links IL-1R to the PI3K-mTOR pathway and regulates pathogenic Th17 cell differentiation. J Exp Med. 2018;215:2413-2428 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4c
Baens M, Stirparo R, Lampi Y, Verbeke D, Vandepoel R, Cools J, et al. Malt1 self-cleavage is critical for regulatory T cell homeostasis and anti-tumor immunity in mice. Eur J Immunol. 2018;48:1728-1738 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 6e
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4a
Kyung D, Sung H, Kim Y, Kim K, Cho S, Choi J, et al. Global transcriptome analysis identifies weight regain-induced activation of adaptive immune responses in white adipose tissue of mice. Int J Obes (Lond). 2018;42:755-764 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 图 5c
Ubil E, Caskey L, Holtzhausen A, Hunter D, Story C, Earp H. Tumor-secreted Pros1 inhibits macrophage M1 polarization to reduce antitumor immune response. J Clin Invest. 2018;128:2356-2369 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1g
Tanaka S, Pfleger C, Lai J, Roan F, Sun S, Ziegler S. KAP1 Regulates Regulatory T Cell Function and Proliferation in Both Foxp3-Dependent and -Independent Manners. Cell Rep. 2018;23:796-807 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s5a
Prado C, Gaiazzi M, Gonzalez H, Ugalde V, Figueroa A, Osorio Barrios F, et al. Dopaminergic Stimulation of Myeloid Antigen-Presenting Cells Attenuates Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3-Activation Favouring the Development of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. Front Immunol. 2018;9:571 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1f
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 8
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 9c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 5a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 5f
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  • 流式细胞仪; 人类; 1:100; 图 1a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s4e
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3b
Burrack A, Malhotra D, Dileepan T, Osum K, Swanson L, Fife B, et al. Cutting Edge: Allograft Rejection Is Associated with Weak T Cell Responses to Many Different Graft Leukocyte-Derived Peptides. J Immunol. 2018;200:477-482 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1c
Maseda D, Johnson E, Nyhoff L, Baron B, Kojima F, Wilhelm A, et al. mPGES1-Dependent Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) Controls Antigen-Specific Th17 and Th1 Responses by Regulating T Autocrine and Paracrine PGE2 Production. J Immunol. 2018;200:725-736 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s2a
Kwak J, Laskowski J, Li H, McSharry M, Sippel T, Bullock B, et al. Complement Activation via a C3a Receptor Pathway Alters CD4+ T Lymphocytes and Mediates Lung Cancer Progression. Cancer Res. 2018;78:143-156 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1g
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 4b
  • 免疫组化; 小鼠; 图 4f
Goel S, Decristo M, Watt A, BrinJones H, Sceneay J, Li B, et al. CDK4/6 inhibition triggers anti-tumour immunity. Nature. 2017;548:471-475 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 7b
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  • 免疫组化-冰冻切片; 小鼠; 图 1c
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2d
Meinicke H, Bremser A, Brack M, Schrenk K, Pircher H, Izcue A. KLRG1 impairs regulatory T-cell competitive fitness in the gut. Immunology. 2017;152:65-73 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
Meinicke H, Bremser A, Brack M, Akeus P, Pearson C, Bullers S, et al. Tumour-associated changes in intestinal epithelial cells cause local accumulation of KLRG1+ GATA3+ regulatory T cells in mice. Immunology. 2017;152:74-88 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 图 5i
Angelin A, Gil de Gómez L, Dahiya S, Jiao J, Guo L, Levine M, et al. Foxp3 Reprograms T Cell Metabolism to Function in Low-Glucose, High-Lactate Environments. Cell Metab. 2017;25:1282-1293.e7 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1d
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3c
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1e
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  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 大鼠; 1:800; 图 st7
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 1:800; 图 st7
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1g
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  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 图 4f
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  • 流式细胞仪; 大鼠; 图 1f
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  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 5d
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 5
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  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 牛; 1:100; 图 1h
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 6a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3f
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s2e
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  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 小鼠; 1:50; 图 11C
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 12
Uhde A, Herder V, Akram Khan M, Ciurkiewicz M, Schaudien D, Teich R, et al. Viral Infection of the Central Nervous System Exacerbates Interleukin-10 Receptor Deficiency-Mediated Colitis in SJL Mice. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0161883 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2a
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2e
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s8
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1f
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 s1
Sim C, Cho Y, Kim B, Baek I, Kim Y, Lee M. 2'-5' Oligoadenylate synthetase-like 1 (OASL1) deficiency in mice promotes an effective anti-tumor immune response by enhancing the production of type I interferons. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2016;65:663-75 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 2
Kabat A, Harrison O, Riffelmacher T, Moghaddam A, Pearson C, Laing A, et al. The autophagy gene Atg16l1 differentially regulates Treg and TH2 cells to control intestinal inflammation. elife. 2016;5:e12444 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 1
Hu H, Wang H, Xiao Y, Jin J, Chang J, Zou Q, et al. Otud7b facilitates T cell activation and inflammatory responses by regulating Zap70 ubiquitination. J Exp Med. 2016;213:399-414 pubmed 出版商
  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 1:100; 图 1
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  • 流式细胞仪; 小鼠; 图 3
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 1:150
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产品类型 :
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FOXP3 Monoclonal Antibody (FJK-16s), eBioscience™
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反应物种 :
牛, 狗, 猫, 小鼠, 猪, 大鼠
应用 :
Immunohistochemistry (Frozen): 5 µg/mL, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin): 5 µg/mL, Western Blot: 5 µg/mL
物种 :
牛, 狗, 猫, 小鼠, 猪, 大鼠
克隆 :
抗体亚型 :
IgG2a, kappa
储存 :
4° C
描述 :
FOXP3 (Forkhead box protein 3) is a member of the forkhead/winged-helix family of transcriptional regulators, highly conserved across mammals, and essential for normal immune homeostasis. FOXP3 is 381 amino acids long, stably and constitutively expressed at a high level in CD25 + CD4 positive regulatory T cells, a low level in CD4-positive/CD25-negative cells, and is absent in CD4-negative/CD8-positive T cells. FOXP3 may be a master regulatory gene, and a more specific marker of regulatory T cells. Defects in the gene encoding FOXP3 protein cause the scurfy phenotype in mice. In humans FOXP3 defects play a role in IPEX syndrome (immune dysfunction, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked syndrome), also known as X-linked autoimmunity-allergic dysregulation (XLAAD) syndrome. Transcript variants of FOXP3 encoding different isoforms have been identified. In human breast and colon cancer cells, expression of FOXP3 is regulated by p53 in response to the DNA damage.
格式 :
应用w/稀释 :
Immunohistochemistry (Frozen): 5 µg/mL, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin): 5 µg/mL, Western Blot: 5 µg/mL
别名 :
AIID; BOS_25920; DIETER; forkhead box P3; Forkhead box protein P3; Forkhead box protein P3 41 kDa form; Forkhead box protein P3, C-terminally processed; forkhead/winged helix transcription factor 3; Foxp3; FOXP3delta7; immune dysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked; immunodeficiency, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked; IPEX; JM2; MGC141961; MGC141963; PIDX; regulatory protein Foxp3; RGD1562112; RP23-54C14.1; Scurfin; scurfy; sf; XPID
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