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NeoMarkers, Lab Vision, Endogen, Pierce, BioSource International, Zymed Laboratories, Caltag, Molecular Probes, Research Genetics, Life Technologies, Applied Biosystems, GIBCO BRL, ABgene, Dynal, Affinity BioReagents, Nunc, Invitrogen, NatuTec, Oxoid, Richard-Allan Scientific, Arcturus, Perseptive Biosystems, Proxeon, eBioscience
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人类, 小鼠, brown rat
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免疫印迹, 酶联免疫吸附测定, 免疫组化, 免疫细胞化学, 免疫沉淀, 免疫组化-石蜡切片
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 1a
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 s3d
Frottin F, Schueder F, Tiwary S, Gupta R, Korner R, Schlichthaerle T, et al. The nucleolus functions as a phase-separated protein quality control compartment. Science. 2019;365:342-347 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:500; 图 1d, 1s2g, 3s3c
Azkanaz M, Rodríguez López A, de Boer B, Huiting W, Angrand P, Vellenga E, et al. Protein quality control in the nucleolus safeguards recovery of epigenetic regulators after heat shock. elife. 2019;8: pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 1:1000; 图 s2e
López Erauskin J, Tadokoro T, Baughn M, Myers B, McAlonis Downes M, Chillon Marinas C, et al. ALS/FTD-Linked Mutation in FUS Suppresses Intra-axonal Protein Synthesis and Drives Disease Without Nuclear Loss-of-Function of FUS. Neuron. 2018;100:816-830.e7 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 s5a
Marchesini M, Ogoti Y, Fiorini E, Aktaş Samur A, Nezi L, D Anca M, et al. ILF2 Is a Regulator of RNA Splicing and DNA Damage Response in 1q21-Amplified Multiple Myeloma. Cancer Cell. 2017;32:88-100.e6 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Hoch N, Hanzlikova H, Rulten S, Tetreault M, Komulainen E, Ju L, et al. XRCC1 mutation is associated with PARP1 hyperactivation and cerebellar ataxia. Nature. 2017;541:87-91 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化; 人类; 图 s5a
Hanzlikova H, Gittens W, Krejcikova K, Zeng Z, Caldecott K. Overlapping roles for PARP1 and PARP2 in the recruitment of endogenous XRCC1 and PNKP into oxidized chromatin. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017;45:2546-2557 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫沉淀; 人类
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
Ren Z, Aerts J, Vandenplas H, Wang J, Gorbenko O, Chen J, et al. Phosphorylated STAT5 regulates p53 expression via BRCA1/BARD1-NPM1 and MDM2. Cell Death Dis. 2016;7:e2560 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 1a
Lin J, Hisaoka M, Nagata K, Okuwaki M. Functional characterization and efficient detection of Nucleophosmin/NPM1 oligomers. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016;480:702-708 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 2b
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 3
Kozakai Y, Kamada R, Furuta J, Kiyota Y, Chuman Y, Sakaguchi K. PPM1D controls nucleolar formation by up-regulating phosphorylation of nucleophosmin. Sci Rep. 2016;6:33272 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 3a
Okuwaki M, Abe M, Hisaoka M, Nagata K. Regulation of Cellular Dynamics and Chromosomal Binding Site Preference of Linker Histones H1.0 and H1.X. Mol Cell Biol. 2016;36:2681-2696 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:100; 图 4
Li M, Liu D, Wang L, Wang W, Wang A, Yao Y. Expression of placenta-specific 8 in human oocytes, embryos, and models of in vitro implantation. Fertil Steril. 2016;106:781-789.e2 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:5000; 图 5
Mukhopadhyay A, Sehgal L, Bose A, Gulvady A, Senapati P, Thorat R, et al. 14-3-3? Prevents Centrosome Amplification and Neoplastic Progression. Sci Rep. 2016;6:26580 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:1000; 图 3
Karlsson T, Altankhuyag A, Dobrovolska O, Turcu D, Lewis A. A polybasic motif in ErbB3-binding protein 1 (EBP1) has key functions in nucleolar localization and polyphosphoinositide interaction. Biochem J. 2016;473:2033-47 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 3
Ceccon M, Merlo M, Mologni L, Poggio T, Varesio L, Menotti M, et al. Excess of NPM-ALK oncogenic signaling promotes cellular apoptosis and drug dependency. Oncogene. 2016;35:3854-3865 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Neo S, Itahana Y, Alagu J, Kitagawa M, Guo A, Lee S, et al. TRIM28 Is an E3 Ligase for ARF-Mediated NPM1/B23 SUMOylation That Represses Centrosome Amplification. Mol Cell Biol. 2015;35:2851-63 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
Sokka M, Rilla K, Miinalainen I, Pospiech H, Syväoja J. High levels of TopBP1 induce ATR-dependent shut-down of rRNA transcription and nucleolar segregation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015;43:4975-89 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Perera Y, Pedroso S, Borras Hidalgo O, Vázquez D, Miranda J, Villareal A, et al. Pharmacologic inhibition of the CK2-mediated phosphorylation of B23/NPM in cancer cells selectively modulates genes related to protein synthesis, energetic metabolism, and ribosomal biogenesis. Mol Cell Biochem. 2015;404:103-12 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:1000
Martelli M, Gionfriddo I, Mezzasoma F, Milano F, Pierangeli S, Mulas F, et al. Arsenic trioxide and all-trans retinoic acid target NPM1 mutant oncoprotein levels and induce apoptosis in NPM1-mutated AML cells. Blood. 2015;125:3455-65 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; brown rat; 1:1000; 图 2
Holley C, Li M, Scruggs B, Matkovich S, Ory D, Schaffer J. Cytosolic accumulation of small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) is dynamically regulated by NADPH oxidase. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:11741-8 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Fujiwara Y, Hase K, Wada K, Kabuta T. An RNautophagy/DNautophagy receptor, LAMP2C, possesses an arginine-rich motif that mediates RNA/DNA-binding. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;460:281-6 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 5
Katagiri N, Kuroda T, Kishimoto H, Hayashi Y, Kumazawa T, Kimura K. The nucleolar protein nucleophosmin is essential for autophagy induced by inhibiting Pol I transcription. Sci Rep. 2015;5:8903 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 s2
Pekkonen P, Järviluoma A, Zinovkina N, Cvrljevic A, Prakash S, Westermarck J, et al. KSHV viral cyclin interferes with T-cell development and induces lymphoma through Cdk6 and Notch activation in vivo. Cell Cycle. 2014;13:3670-84 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 s1
Lindenboim L, Sasson T, Worman H, Borner C, Stein R. Cellular stress induces Bax-regulated nuclear bubble budding and rupture followed by nuclear protein release. Nucleus. 2014;5:527-41 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Raman N, Nayak A, Muller S. mTOR signaling regulates nucleolar targeting of the SUMO-specific isopeptidase SENP3. Mol Cell Biol. 2014;34:4474-84 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
Peltonen K, Colis L, Liu H, Jäämaa S, Zhang Z, Af Hällström T, et al. Small molecule BMH-compounds that inhibit RNA polymerase I and cause nucleolar stress. Mol Cancer Ther. 2014;13:2537-46 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 s9
Flach J, Bakker S, Mohrin M, Conroy P, Pietras E, Reynaud D, et al. Replication stress is a potent driver of functional decline in ageing haematopoietic stem cells. Nature. 2014;512:198-202 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:200
Munne P, Gu Y, Tumiati M, Gao P, Koopal S, Uusivirta S, et al. TP53 supports basal-like differentiation of mammary epithelial cells by preventing translocation of deltaNp63 into nucleoli. Sci Rep. 2014;4:4663 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:500; 图 1
Leal M, Mazzotti T, Calcagno D, Cirilo P, Martinez M, Demachki S, et al. Deregulated expression of Nucleophosmin 1 in gastric cancer and its clinicopathological implications. BMC Gastroenterol. 2014;14:9 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 5
Lin Y, Chen Y, Cohen S, Cheng T. Identification of TSG101 functional domains and p21 loci required for TSG101-mediated p21 gene regulation. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79674 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 2
de Poot S, Lai K, van der Wal L, Plasman K, Van Damme P, Porter A, et al. Granzyme M targets topoisomerase II alpha to trigger cell cycle arrest and caspase-dependent apoptosis. Cell Death Differ. 2014;21:416-26 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
Harrison Pitner M, Saavedra H. Cdk4 and nek2 signal binucleation and centrosome amplification in a her2+ breast cancer model. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e65971 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 1:100; 图 2
Foroni L, Vasuri F, Valente S, Gualandi C, Focarete M, Caprara G, et al. The role of 3D microenvironmental organization in MCF-7 epithelial-mesenchymal transition after 7 culture days. Exp Cell Res. 2013;319:1515-22 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 1
Noguera N, Song M, Divona M, Catalano G, Calvo K, Garcia F, et al. Nucleophosmin/B26 regulates PTEN through interaction with HAUSP in acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia. 2013;27:1037-43 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1:1000; 图 4
Fukawa T, Ono M, Matsuo T, Uehara H, Miki T, Nakamura Y, et al. DDX31 regulates the p53-HDM2 pathway and rRNA gene transcription through its interaction with NPM1 in renal cell carcinomas. Cancer Res. 2012;72:5867-77 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 12
Lin H, Lin Y, Hsu F. Preparation and characterization of mesoporous bioactive glass/polycaprolactone nanofibrous matrix for bone tissues engineering. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2012;23:2619-30 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 5
Mercier I, Camacho J, Titchen K, Gonzales D, Quann K, Bryant K, et al. Caveolin-1 and accelerated host aging in the breast tumor microenvironment: chemoprevention with rapamycin, an mTOR inhibitor and anti-aging drug. Am J Pathol. 2012;181:278-93 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 1 ug/ml; 图 S7
Li Z, Hann S. Nucleophosmin is essential for c-Myc nucleolar localization and c-Myc-mediated rDNA transcription. Oncogene. 2013;32:1988-94 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 0.5 ug/ul
Weston D, Adams N, Russell R, Stephens D, Freemont P. Analysis of spatial point patterns in nuclear biology. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e36841 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1 ug/ml; 图 3
Perera Y, Costales H, Diaz Y, Reyes O, Farina H, Mendez L, et al. Sensitivity of tumor cells towards CIGB-300 anticancer peptide relies on its nucleolar localization. J Pept Sci. 2012;18:215-23 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 1:100; 图 1
Sari A, Calli A, Altinboga A, Pehlivan F, Görgel S, Balci U, et al. Nucleophosmin expression in renal cell carcinoma and oncocytoma. APMIS. 2012;120:187-94 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 s1
Tsai S, Liou H, Lin C, Kuo K, Hung Y, Weng R, et al. MG63 osteoblast-like cells exhibit different behavior when grown on electrospun collagen matrix versus electrospun gelatin matrix. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e31200 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 1
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 6
Saporita A, Chang H, Winkeler C, Apicelli A, Kladney R, Wang J, et al. RNA helicase DDX5 is a p53-independent target of ARF that participates in ribosome biogenesis. Cancer Res. 2011;71:6708-17 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化-石蜡切片; 人类; 1:100; 图 2
Calli A, Sari A, Evcim G, Altinboga A, Sadullahoglu C, Ermete M. The enigmatic role of nucleophosmin in malignant melanoma: does it have an effect?. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2011;54:482-6 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 5
de Koning P, Kummer J, de Poot S, Quadir R, Broekhuizen R, McGettrick A, et al. Intracellular serine protease inhibitor SERPINB4 inhibits granzyme M-induced cell death. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22645 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 1
Østrup O, Hyttel P, Klærke D, Collas P. Remodeling of ribosomal genes in somatic cells by Xenopus egg extract. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011;412:487-93 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 3
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 1
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 3
Finkbeiner E, Haindl M, Muller S. The SUMO system controls nucleolar partitioning of a novel mammalian ribosome biogenesis complex. EMBO J. 2011;30:1067-78 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 4
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1:200; 图 3
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 1
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  • 免疫沉淀; 人类; 图 5
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 2
Zhu Z, Wang Y, Li X, Wang Y, Xu L, Wang X, et al. PHF8 is a histone H3K9me2 demethylase regulating rRNA synthesis. Cell Res. 2010;20:794-801 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 4
Kawagishi H, Nakamura H, Maruyama M, Mizutani S, Sugimoto K, Takagi M, et al. ARF suppresses tumor angiogenesis through translational control of VEGFA mRNA. Cancer Res. 2010;70:4749-58 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 1 ug/ml; 图 4
Rees Unwin K, Faragher R, Unwin R, Adams J, Brown P, Buckle A, et al. Ribosome-associated nucleophosmin 1: increased expression and shuttling activity distinguishes prognostic subtypes in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Br J Haematol. 2010;148:534-43 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫组化; 人类
Pitulescu M, Teichmann M, Luo L, Kessel M. TIPT2 and geminin interact with basal transcription factors to synergize in transcriptional regulation. BMC Biochem. 2009;10:16 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 1 ug/ml; 图 2
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 3
Zhang J, Tomasini A, Mayer A. RBM19 is essential for preimplantation development in the mouse. BMC Dev Biol. 2008;8:115 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 4
Itahana K, Zhang Y. Mitochondrial p32 is a critical mediator of ARF-induced apoptosis. Cancer Cell. 2008;13:542-53 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫沉淀; 小鼠; 图 5
  • 免疫细胞化学; 小鼠; 图 1
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 1
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  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 图 5
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 4
Korkeamäki H, Viiri K, Kukkonen M, Maki M, Lohi O. Alternative mRNA splicing of SAP30L regulates its transcriptional repression activity. FEBS Lett. 2008;582:379-84 pubmed
  • 免疫沉淀; 人类; 图 1
  • 免疫印迹; 人类
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类
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  • 免疫印迹; brown rat; 图 3
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类
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  • 免疫组化; 人类; 图 1
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  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 6
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  • 免疫细胞化学; 人类; 图 4A
  • 免疫印迹; 人类; 图 4B
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人类, 小鼠, 大鼠
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ELISA: 1-2 µg/mL, Immunocytochemistry: 2-10 µg/mL, Immunofluorescence: 2-10 µg/mL, Immunohistochemistry: Assay Dependent, Immunoprecipitation: 10 µg, Western Blot: 1-3 µg/mL
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人类, 小鼠, 大鼠
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NPM1 (Nucleophosmin 1, B23, nutramin, NO38) is a ubiquitously expressed phosphoprotein involved in ribosome assembly/transport, cytoplasmic/nuclear trafficking, regulation of DNA polymerase alpha activity, centrosome duplication, and regulation of p53. NPM1 continuously shuttles between the nucleus, cytoplasm, nucleolus and chaperoning core histones from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. NPM1 has been shown to bind nucleic acid, prevent protein aggregation via its chaperon activities, protect enzymes during thermal denaturation, and facilitate renaturation of chemically denatured proteins. In its cellular structure role, there is evidence suggesting NPM1 is associated with the centrosome, and is the substrate of CDK2/cyclin E during duplication of centrosomes (cellular division). Due to the NPM1 gene interaction with several tumor-associated chromosome translocations, NPM1 is thought to be a portion of several fusion proteins: NPM-ALK, NPM-RAR, and NPM-MLF1. While it is not thought to be part of the transforming potential of these fusion proteins, NPM1 is believed to act as the interface for oligomerization and oncogenic conversion of these tumor promoting fusion proteins. Further, NPM1 is also known to sequester the tumor suppressor RF in the nucleolus, protecting it from degradation until it is necessary. Dysfunction of the NPM1 protein is associated with diseases such as acute myeloid leukemia and lymphomatoid papulosis.
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NPM/B23 purified from rat hepatoma.
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ELISA: 1-2 µg/mL, Immunocytochemistry: 2-10 µg/mL, Immunofluorescence: 2-10 µg/mL, Immunohistochemistry: Assay Dependent, Immunoprecipitation: 10 µg, Western Blot: 1-3 µg/mL
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Nucleophosmin, NPM, Nucleolar phosphoprotein B23, Nucleolar protein NO38, Numatrin, NPM1, NPM
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