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NeoMarkers, Lab Vision, Endogen, Pierce, BioSource International, Zymed Laboratories, Caltag, Molecular Probes, Research Genetics, Life Technologies, Applied Biosystems, GIBCO BRL, ABgene, Dynal, Affinity BioReagents, Nunc, Invitrogen, NatuTec, Oxoid, Richard-Allan Scientific, Arcturus, Perseptive Biosystems, Proxeon, eBioscience
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肌动蛋白单克隆抗体(ACTN05(C4)), 生物素
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人类, 小鼠, 大鼠, , , , pigs , domestic rabbit
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免疫印迹, 免疫组化, 免疫细胞化学, 免疫沉淀, 免疫组化-石蜡切片
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产品类型 :
产品名称 :
肌动蛋白单克隆抗体(ACTN05(C4)), 生物素
目录# :
规格 :
价格 :
克隆性 :
纯度 :
宿主 :
反应物种 :
Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Porcine, Protozoa, Rabbit, Rat
应用 :
Immunocytochemistry: 1:10-1:200, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin): 1:200-1:400, Immunoprecipitation: 2 µg, Western Blot: 0.5 ug/mL
物种 :
Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Porcine, Protozoa, Rabbit, Rat
克隆 :
抗体亚型 :
IgG1, kappa
储存 :
4° C
描述 :
Actin exists as a ubiquitous protein involved with filament formation that make up large portions of the cytoskeleton.  Actin filaments interact with myosin to assist in muscle contraction as well as aiding in cell motility and cytokinesis.  In vertebrates there are three groups of actin isoforms: alpha, beta and gamma. The alpha actins are found in muscle tissues and are a major constituent of the contractile apparatus. The beta and gamma actins co-exists in most cell types as components of the cytoskeleton and as mediators of internal cell motility.
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格式 :
应用w/稀释 :
Immunocytochemistry: 1:10-1:200, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin): 1:200-1:400, Immunoprecipitation: 2 µg, Western Blot: 0.5 ug/mL
别名 :
0610041G09Rik; 5C actin; A; A4V404_DROME; AA959943; a-actin; AAT6; Ac5C; act; act 5C; ACT1_DROME; Act4; ACT-4; Act5; ACT-5; Act5c; Act-5C; Act5C-PA; Act5C-PB; Act5C-PC; Act5C-PD; Act5C-PE; acta; ACTA1; ACTA1 protein; acta1.S; acta2; Acta-2; ACTA3; ACTB; actb.L; ACTC; ACTC1; Actc-1; ACTE; Actg; ACTG1; Actg2; ACTGE; Actin; actin 5 C; actin 5c; actin A1; actin alpha 1; actin alpha 1, skeletal muscle; actin alpha 2, smooth muscle; actin alpha cardiac; actin alpha cardiac 1; actin alpha cardiac muscle 1; actin beta; actin gamma 1; actin gamma 2, smooth muscle; actin homolog; actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle; actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle S homeolog; actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta; actin, alpha cardiac muscle 1; Actin, alpha cardiac muscle 1, intermediate form; Actin, alpha skeletal muscle; actin, alpha skeletal muscle S homeolog; Actin, alpha skeletal muscle, intermediate form; actin, alpha, cardiac 1; actin, alpha, cardiac muscle; actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1; actin, alpha, vascular smooth muscle; Actin, aortic smooth muscle; Actin, aortic smooth muscle, intermediate form; actin, beta; actin, beta L homeolog; actin, beta, cytoplasmic; actin, cytoplasmic 1; Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed; Actin, cytoplasmic 2; Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed; Actin, cytoplasmic type 5; actin, cytoplasmic, type 5; actin, gamma 1; actin, gamma 1 propeptide; actin, gamma 2; actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric; actin, gamma, cytoplasmic 1; actin, gamma-enteric smooth muscle; Actin, gamma-enteric smooth muscle, intermediate form; Actin/BAP47; Actin5C; Actin-5C; actin-like protein; Actl; ACTL3; Acts; ACTSA; ACTSG; Actsk-1; Actvs; Actx; AL023024; alpha 1 skeletal muscle actin; alpha actin; alpha actin 1; alpha actin 2; alpha-actin; alpha-actin cardiac; alpha-actin-1; Alpha-actin-2; alpha-actin-3; alphac-actin; Alpha-cardiac actin; alphaSMA; alpha-sma; alpha-smooth muscle actin; anon-EST:fe2D2; anon-fast-evolving-2D2; ArpA; ASD5; asma; a-SMA; Atcb; Bact; Bact; actin; B-actin; Bap47; beta actin; beta cytoskeletal actin; beta-actin; beta-actin FE-3; beta-actin/Bap47; BRWS1; BRWS2; cardiac actin; cardiac muscle alpha actin 1; cell growth-inhibiting gene 46 protein; cellular cytoskeletal beta-actin; CFTD; CFTD1; CFTDM; CG4027; CG4027-PA; CG4027-PB; CG4027-PC; CG4027-PD; CG4027-PE; chrX:5748184. 5748304; CMD1R; CMH11; cyt5C; cytoplasmic 1; cytoplasmic 2; cytoplasmic actin; cytoplasmic beta-actin; cytoplasmic type 5; cytoskeletal beta actin; cytoskeletal gamma-actin; cytoskeletal protein; deafness, autosomal dominant 20; deafness, autosomal dominant 26; DFNA20; DFNA26; Dm-actin5C; Dmel CG4027; Dmel_CG4027; E430023M04Rik; E51; epididymis luminal protein 176; F-actin; G-actin; gamma 1 propeptide; gamma non-muscle actin; gamma-2-actin; Gamma-actin; gamma-enteric smooth muscle actin; GIG46; HEL-176; hypothetical protein LOC515610; I79_002310; I79_013242; I79_019066; l(1)G0009; l(1)G0010; l(1)G0025; l(1)G0079; l(1)G0117; l(1)G0177; l(1)G0245; l(1)G0330; l(1)G0420; l(1)G0486; LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: actin, alpha skeletal muscle; LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: actin, aortic smooth muscle; LVNC4; M32055; mpfd; MYMY5; NEM1; NEM2; NEM3; nemaline myopathy type 3; pan actin; PS1TP5-binding protein 1; PS1TP5BP1; RE02927p; RP5-1068B5.2; SHPM; similar to b-actin; similar to beta actin; skeletal alpha actin; sma; SMalphaA; SMGA; smooth muscle alpha-actin; smooth muscle gamma-actin; T11; type 5; unnamed protein product; vascular smooth muscle alpha-actin; VSCM; wu:fb63d03; XELAEV_18029136mg; XELAEV_18045052mg
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