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FLUKA, Sigma-Aldrich, Roche Applied Science
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Anti-Tau antibody, Mouse monoclonal
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人类, 小鼠
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免疫印迹, 免疫印迹基因敲除验证
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  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠; 1:4000; 图 5b
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  • 免疫印迹基因敲除验证; 小鼠; 1:500; 图 1b
Geiszler P, Barron M, Pardon M. Impaired burrowing is the most prominent behavioral deficit of aging htau mice. Neuroscience. 2016;329:98-111 pubmed 出版商
  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠
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  • 免疫印迹; 小鼠
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Anti-Tau antibody, Mouse monoclonal
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克隆Tau46, 纯化来自杂交瘤细胞细胞培养
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